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Direct titration

With direct titration, the titrant solution is added in small portions to the solution of test substance.

In this case, the calculations are carried out in a general manner. The technique for performing titration must be sought in other sources.

  • NaOH + HCl = NaCl + H2O
  • Na2B4O7*10H2O + HCl = H3BO3 + NaCl + H2O
  • Ca^2+ + Na2H2C10H12N2O8 = Na2CaC10H12N2O8 + H^+
Test substance: ?
Titrant: ?
  • Coefficients for reagents can be omitted.
  • The first reagent in the reaction equation must be the substance to be tested.
  • The second reagent must be a titrant.
  • Signs + and = must be separated by spaces from reagents.
  • Crystalline hydrate should be used only for the test substance, if it is not in solution.

Source data for titration

Reaction equation:
The test substance:
Titrant: , concentration: M.

Measured properties

Calculation of molar concentration

Standardization of a titrant solution is understood as the establishment of its exact concentration with relative error not exceeding ± 0,1%.

Select substance for standardization (titrant)

    Substance for standardization:

    Enter source data:

    Substance for standardization:

    Select primary standard

      Error of equation solving:
      Reaction equation:

      Select standardization method:

        The titration method associated with the dissolution of metals in an acid

        Preparation of the primary standard

        The exact sample of the metallic ? is transferred to a ? ml volumetric flask and dissolved in ? ml of of ?. Do not cover the flask with a stopper! After dissolving the metal, the solution is cooled and brought to the mark with water.


        Preparation of a primary standard solution

        Performing measurements by pipetting method

        Calculation of molar concentration

        Conversion of water hardness units from one measurement system to another.

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